Welcome To WatsHood

WatsHood community welcomes you to register and explore our mobile network. WatsHood can be a source of information for any neighborhood and can be utilized to keep users informed. Users can share and receive real-time content pertaining to their specific locales. Staying informed is key and allows users to react in a timely manner and plan accordingly. Our goal is to encourage a friendly and safe environment for all users.



WatsHood is a social community that allows users to broaden their network by providing personal and business profiles. Users can interact with others in their area whenever they log on. Businesses can reach customers and potential customers in the area at no cost by posting to the feed. We're in every neighborhood to keep users in the loop.


WatsHood is a social community that allows users to post and stay ahead of what's going on in their surrounding neighborhoods. The Rundown features realtime experiences and shares important information. Find out if places of interest are live or if mass transit is running on schedule. Get help finding a lost pet that could be wandering just a few blocks away. Get the rundown on merchandise, events, traffic and more. Make life easy and stay connected with the number one source for your neighborhood.


Our mission is to connect people with the neighborhood by keeping them abreast of what’s happening within their proximity by providing a platform to display real-time events and present users with beneficial news.